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Powerwise software, a PC power management software system is designed to save energy and money for any given organization.  The applications for Powerwise are very broad to include general business, healthcare, educational organizations, Federal, State, and Local government departments and agencies.  Powerwise is sold and marketed exclusively through resellers and service providers throughout the United States and Canada.

Our resellers/service providers promote Powerwise to their existing customers, and/or use Powerwise as a customer acquisition program.  Powerwise is marketed and sold by our resellers/service providers as a standalone solution or can be bundled with either software or hardware.

Our program and commitment is not all inclusive, and does contain flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

Powerwise USA commits to play to the strengths of our reseller/service providers with a program that achieves the following;

  • Supply  a pricing strategy that makes it attractive to promote Powerwise  products
  • Train on product positioning (why to buy, quality of training, competitive strengths, etc.)
  • Train on the product offering, including technical support training, and ongoing technical support assistance (help desk support )
  • Provide  simple and easy processes and systems
  • Personal account management and support
  • Sales and marketing tools  (SEP Model – Prospect, Qualify, Close, Engage, Protect)
  • To the best of our ability, actively maintain non-channel competition and conflict.  Our reseller program supports and protects your business and customers.  Complete confidentiality assured
  • Execution of a simple agreement to participate in the program

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