For Government

  • A major East Coast City recently installed power management software on 1500 computers in one department to test the benefits of pc power management software.   Within two months, the city found they had reduced energy consumption by 44%!  In addition, they found that they will have saved between $25 & $30 per pc per year which would give them a 6 month return-on-investment (ROI).  The test installation went so well it was decided to roll out the software to other facilities and departments within city government.
  • A west coast city recently implemented power management software and reduced its energy costs by more than 30 percent, resulting in a return on investment within 12 months and the elimination of 137,890 pounds of greenhouse gasses annually.


Powerwise PC energy management software can help your company answer the question “how much do I save by automating the turning on and shutting down of PC’s when they are not in use”. Simply use the energy calculator below to determine you potential savings.