For Education

Educators know all about tight budgets and reduced spending.  Every year administration officials have to decide what programs to keep and what programs to cut back.  The EPA estimates that education could save billions of dollars by implementing power savings initiatives.

One of the easiest ways for schools and universities to save money is by using power management software throughout the schools networks.  A typical school can save between $25 and $75 per computer per year by deploying Powerwise PC Power Management software.

Some computers need to be on all the time, others need to be on during regular school hours and others only need to be on for occasional use throughout the day.  And, often IT personnel need to have the computers on at night to run system updates, patches, upgrades and other maintenance.  The default practice at many schools is to just leave the computers on rather than manually turning them on and off. Powerwise solves this problem.

Powerwise is the solution for schools, school districts, colleges and universities!

  • With Powerwise PC power management software you decide which computers to put to sleep/wake up and when to do it
  • Computers that need to be on will be on when in use and when they don’t need to be on, they will be switched automatically to a low power mode
  • When IT staffl need to run an upgrade, they can easily “wake up” any or all  computers and put them back to sleep when they are done
  • Control is centralized and even a PC that is turned off can be activated remotely if needed

And, with incentives and rebates from local power companies the cost is substantially reduced or sometimes free.

Case Studies


Costello Technology College -49% reduction in PC energy use

Sunbury Manor School - School reduces energy bill by thousands of dollars

University of Surrey – University gets powerwise

Powerwise PC energy management software can help your company answer the question “how much do I save by automating the turning on and shutting down of PC’s when they are not in use”. Simply use the energy calculator below to determine your potential savings.