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Everyday businesses throw money away without even being aware of it. One of the big areas of unknown money loss is through a company’s computers. By implementing Powerwise PC Power Management software, most companies can see a savings of $25-$75 per computer per year. This is a significant.

Businesses with 10 computers to 10,000 computers can see significant savings by implementing Powerwise.  The more computers the business has, the bigger the prospective savings can be.

The following is an excerpt from a recent NetWorld article, date May 18th, 2010, Why Green IT Isn’t Enough If You Want to Cut Energy Costs

“IT Director Gordon Katz estimates that by setting employees’ computer monitors to sleep when they aren’t being used, he saves his company enough electricity in a year to light the Cleveland Browns’ football stadium for two seasons. He’s sure this saves money for Ohio-based law firm of Porter Wright Morris and Arthur; he just doesn’t know how much.”

Case Studies

Bank of Leumi - Desktop efficiency delivers energy dividend for UK bank

Powerwise PC energy management software can help your company answer the question “how much do I save by automating the turning on and shutting down of PC’s when they are not in use”. Simply use the energy calculator below to determine you potential savings.