Comprehensive Reporting

Powerwise records data about the power usage of each managed computer. Data recorded includes the amount of time a computer has been on, the amount of time a computer has been idle, and the amount of time a computer has been logged on. This is stored alongside cost and consumption data. This data is available to view, print and/or export from the Management Console depending on the specific report.

Cost and Emissions Reports

Central control of computer power saving settings and ensuring computers are powered down when not in use accomplish the objective of Powerwise to reduce energy, resulting in a reduction in cost and associated CO2 emissions. Powerwise allows you to create reports relating to cost and emission reduction.

You can specify the default electrical consumption of your computers, the cost you pay per kWh unit and the greenhouse gas conversion factor for kWh to CO2 emissions. You can further enter individual consumption figures for each different make and model the Server registers. Hardware make and model are registered the first time the Agent connects to the Server.

Power Reports

Available monthly and daily reports can be accessed within the Management Console.  Powerwise maintains computer details to provide information by computer or group which can be exported or printed for further analysis.

Monthly Power Reports

  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Monthly Carbon Report
  • Monthly Energy Report
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Monthly Efficiency Report

Daily Usage by Group Report

The Daily Usage by Group Report provides a means to view certain key data for a specific day or days. This is particularly useful for analyzing smaller snapshots of time.

Computer Details Report

The Computer Details Daily report can be exported as XML and imported into an application such as Excel for further analysis and to produce the data in the way you need it.

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