Centralize the management of your PC power with Powerwise and you will maximize energy savings and productivity, while you minimize your carbon footprint.  Powerwise is packed full of the features you need which makes it an easy and comprehensive PC power management solution.
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Computer Grouping – you can group computers together that have similar on/off cycles which allows you to maximize power savings.  Turn one group on at 5:00am and off at 3:00pm while the next group goes on at 8:00am and off at 5:00pm.  You configure it to make sense for your organization.

Centralized management – No need to wonder which computers are on or off or to have to physically turn each PC on/off.  Powerwise allows you to do this from its easy to use access manager.

Comprehensive Reports -Get detailed information on all of your connected computers so you can know what’s going on and tweak PCs for additional savings.  Some of the more popular report options are:  high idle times, savings calculators, real-time count of computers on/idle/logged off, etc.  See savings on a per computer basis or as a group.

User Notification – Powerwise lets users know

Other Features include:

* Profile schedules
* Real-time monitoring and control
* Adaptive wake-up technology
* Web wake-up
* Away and Keep Alive modes
* Intel vPro support
* Maintenance window
* Detailed reportsba
* 3 month proven R.O.I.
* Award winning
* Active directory integration

IT Personel – Turn them on at a set time to update antivirus software or other system updates and turn them ck off when finished

Added Benefits

Reduced Carbon Footprint – reducing power consumption also means reducing your carbon footprint.

Reduced AC/Cooling costs – Keeping PCs turned off when they aren’t needed saves you additional money on cooling costs because the PC isn’t producing heat when turned off or in a low power state

Reduced IT Personnel’s wasted time – No need for IT personnel to manually shut off or turn on PCs around the company in order to perform updates or patches.  They can do this easily on the computers they choose by using the Powerwise control panel

Extend equipment life – By reducing the time the PC and monitor are on, you extend their life.

Employee Buy-In – Powerwise lets employees see their computer usage information and shows how much they are contributing to the overall company’s energy efficiency program.