Did You Know?

- On average over 50% of company’s computers will be left on when they needn’t be.

- The average desktop PC wastes half of the energy it consumes – Climate Savers Computing

- Turn off or power down PCs when not in use and save from $25 to $75 per PC per year – USDE


Powerwise provides comprehensive reports to provide the information needed to best manage energy consumption, cost, efficiency and CO2 emissions at the network, PC or individual user level.
Easy to analyze reports details and summarize energy power saving events and performance statistics

Enterprise Wide Central Control

The Powerwise console manages custom profiles, computers and devices from anywhere on the network. It is designed to work seamlessly in networked environments and gives you a comprehensive set of tools and information to intelligently manage your PCs. The intuitive console allows you to manage all your devices from a central interface, simplifying control and making it easier to achieve a consistent energy policy

Flexible Profile Schedules

Create Powerwise Profiles to define the power options for individual or groups of devices

Schedule different power settings to be used at different times of the day

Schedule Shutdown and Wakeup events to enable remote management of  devices (IE. for deploying patches or upgrades)

Configure Profiles to change how power management is set throughout the day, set the profiles  to match the way users work

Comprehensive Wake-up

The adaptive Powerwise wake-up technology learns when your computer is used and wakes it up before it’s needed…ensuring PCs are available for use at the start of the day or when necessary for IT maintenance windows. No wasted time and effort waiting for systems to boot up. The user simply sits down, logs in and they are ready, saving time and energy costs.

Web wake-up also lets users who need remote access to their office PC to do so using a web browser/page. Even if the PC is offline. And, IT professionals can also use the wake-up technology to schedule normal maintenance activities.

User Notifications

Notify users when a scheduled power saving event (shutdown, sleep, standby …) is going to occur and allow the user the option to cancel the event. Notification prompts are accompanied by a sound to alert users of an impending action when they may not be looking at their computer. In addition to notifications the user can also view information about the power saving information stored for their PC.

Easy Installation

Installation is simple and easy. There are several alternative methods of installation and deployment depending on the number of computers on the networks. From a Wizard for small installations to standard MSI protocols, there is a method that meets your needs.   The Powerwise server software and small footprint agent can be deployed in minutes, letting you experience energy savings almost immediately

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rose 2.5 Percent In 2011

Huffington Post Green - "If the current trend is sustained, worldwide CO2 emissions will go up by another 20 percent to over 40 billion tonnes by 2020," IWR director Norbert Allnoch said. China led the table of emitters in 2011 with 8.9 billion tonnes, up from 8.3 billion a year earlier. Its CO2 output was 50 percent more than the 6 billion tonnes in the United States. India was third, ahead of Russia, Japan and Germany.

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Customer Feedback

Easy to use, this tool really could help cut power bills
Alan Stevens, PCW Magazine
Save Power, Save Money, Save the Environment. With Powerwise Everybody Wins!
Chad Jones
Powerwise is an excellent piece of software which enabled us to quickly and easily reduce the energy use of our PCs by as much as 70% without any impact on the quality of service.
Phil Vacher-IT Services for University of Surrey